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Reviews logo stands as one of the most budget-friendly DIY website builders available. They even offer basic packages that include a domain name you can use forever. Although they don’t have free trial runs like other website builders, their low prices and the simplicity of the builder make them popular among online stores and business owners. click to Read more

Site 123 logo

Launched in 2016, SITE123 declares that they have the easiest website builder for free. The brand’s goal is to provide a simple website building option for users with all experience levels. Their stand-out quality is the combination of tools found in other leading website builders and a friendly user interface. These include web editor, SEO tools, mobile-friendly design, PayPal integration, and social media tools. click to Read more

Squarespaces logo

Squarespace was established in 2003 and is now one of the leading website builders in the market. Their award-winning designs and full-featured editor make the company stand out from the competition. Currently, Squarespace hosts millions of websites around the world as they target users who want to create online stores, blogs, and digital portfolios. The service is perfect for users with all kinds of experience levels in website building. click to Read more

Network Soultions logo

Network Solutions is an American company that was established even before the internet was created. The company was launched in 1979 and they’ve been in the business of domain name registration since 1993. By 2005, they added web hosting to their list of services and now have millions of happy customers.

Network Solutions is helping brands and companies achieve a recognizable online presence. Their tools and templates can be used to modify your website content to achieve a professional look and make it more effective. Network Solutions can also help you share files, photos, and websites with family and friends only. click to Read more

Square logo

Since its inception in 2009, Square has been a popular option among small businesses for payment processing needs. In 2019, the company launched Square Online which further contributed to developing its offers to the e-commerce industry. Square Online allows businesses to sell their products and services as well through their POS or point of sale systems. click to Read more

Zyro logo

Zyro’s platform has offered website building services for quite some time but they’ve had a hard time keeping up with more popular platforms such as Squarespace and Wix. But that’s slowly changing as they develop new tools and features and enhance old ones. Zyro offers solid features for affordable prices. Their platform is accessible in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Malay. click to Read more

7.7 logo is an easy to use and one of the most affordable website building software in the industry. The company offers a variety of integrated services to their customers that further makes user experience absolutely effortless. The company delivers a suite of tools to their users which makes managing a website very easy for beginners.  The website building platform comes with tools that can help you to easily create and manage your own website. They also offer other services such as domains, web hosting, website builders, digital marketing, online security products and lastly, WordPress related services for their users. click to Read more

Jimdo logo

A lot of website builder platforms make bold claims to attract users. Slogans typically go “launch a website in three steps”, “website in a snap”, “start your business website in 10 minutes”. With the abundance of website-building platforms, providers try hard to have an edge over their competition. Jimdo is one of them.

Jimdo has been focusing on developing its smart website builder called Dolphin. They promise users a way to create a website in three quick minutes. The Dolphin is one of the newer types of website builders that are categorized as AI-based builders. These aim to allow users to create websites in a snap with no need to learn any coding skills. click to Read more